Best Half Marathons In Minnesota

7 Best Half Marathons In Minnesota

Minnesota, known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, is not just famous for its beautiful landscapes, vibrant culture, and welcoming communities; it’s also a runner’s paradise. With its varied terrain and splendid natural beauty, the state offers a myriad of half marathons that attract athletes of all levels, from the seasoned marathoner to the novice runner. These races are as diverse as the state itself, traversing cityscapes, serene trails, and picturesque lakesides, with each course offering its own unique charm and challenge.

In this article, we’ll take you on a tour of eight of the most renowned half marathons in Minnesota. We will provide essential details for each race, including the race date, course terrain, and a brief history. Whether you’re a local runner looking to explore new routes, or an out-of-state athlete seeking your next half marathon adventure, this guide will help you discover the best of what Minnesota has to offer. Let’s lace up and begin this journey!

Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon

Next Race Date: May 2024
Course Terrain: Road / Hilly
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The Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon is a race that offers a unique blend of suburban landscape and beautiful lake views. Established in the 1960s, this race is one of Minnesota’s oldest and most cherished running events.

The course is known for its rolling hills, offering a challenging yet rewarding experience for runners. Despite the hilly terrain, the stunning views of Lake Minnetonka and the support from the local community make this race a must-do for every running enthusiast.

Mankato Half Marathon

Next Race Date: October 21st 2023
Course Terrain: Road / Flat
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The Mankato Half Marathon is a fantastic event that invites runners from the local region and beyond. This race offers a blend of urban and rural scenery as it meanders through the beautiful Minnesota River Valley. Since its inception in 2010, the Mankato Half Marathon has been increasingly gaining recognition for its well-organized setup and friendly atmosphere.

The course is primarily flat, making it ideal for first-time half marathon runners or for seasoned athletes looking to set a new personal record. Participants can enjoy the cheers from enthusiastic spectators throughout the route, adding to the overall positive experience of the race.

Grandma’s/Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon – Duluth

Next Race Date: Saturday 17th June 2023
Course Terrain: Road / Mostly Flat
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Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon

Grandma’s Half Marathon in Duluth is an event that carries a legacy in the long-distance running community. The race is named after its original sponsor, Grandma’s Restaurant, and it has been a favorite among runners since 1977. The route takes runners along the scenic North Shore of Lake Superior, providing breathtaking views.

The course is mostly flat with a few slight inclines, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced runners. Runners can expect a lively atmosphere with excellent crowd support, making this race a memorable experience.

Minnesota Half Marathon

Next Race Date: August 19th 2023
Course Terrain: Road / Flat
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The Minnesota Half Marathon is a race that truly represents the spirit of the state. This summer event provides a flat, fast course along the Mississippi River, making it a perfect race for those seeking a personal best.

The welcoming crowd and the beautiful river views create a lively race environment. From its professional organization to the enthusiastic volunteers, the RBC Race for the Kids Minnesota Half Marathon offers a fantastic race experience.

Bemidji Blue Ox Half Marathon

Next Race Date: Saturday 14th October 2023
Course Terrain: Trail / Hilly
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The Bemidji Blue Ox Half Marathon brings runners closer to nature with its trail course set in the beautiful Bemidji area. This event is part of the Blue Ox Marathon weekend and attracts a dedicated community of runners.

The course is hilly, providing a good challenge for runners of all levels. The autumn foliage and the serene environment make this race an unforgettable experience.

Red White & Boom

Next Race Date: Tuesday 4th July 2023
Course Terrain: Road / Flat
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The Red White and Boom Half Marathon is a festive race that celebrates Independence Day. Runners get to experience the vibrant spirit of Minneapolis, as the race route goes along the Mississippi River and offers fantastic views of the city. This event has been a Fourth of July tradition in the Twin Cities since 2007.

The flat course is great for runners seeking a personal best or those running their first half marathon. Participants can expect an electrifying atmosphere with enthusiastic spectators cheering on, making this race a thrilling experience.

Stillwater Half Marathon

Next Race Date: Saturday 27th May 2023
Course Terrain: Road / Hilly
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The Stillwater Half Marathon is a spring event that offers runners a scenic yet challenging course. The race begins in downtown Stillwater and continues along the beautiful St. Croix River. This race is a beloved event in the Minnesota running community and has been attracting a steady stream of participants since its inception.

The hilly course presents a unique challenge to runners, while the stunning views of the St. Croix River valley provide a picturesque backdrop. The race enjoys robust community support, with spectators lining the course to encourage the runners. The Stillwater Half Marathon is a wonderful blend of challenge and beauty, making it an event to look forward to.

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